Pageant of Kings

Pageant of Kings: The Nine Sovereigns at Edward VII’s Funeral




An exceptional event took place in London, England on May 20, 1910 as the funeral procession of King Edward VII wound its way through the streets of the British capital. Amidst bright sunshine, a magnificent panoply unfolded before mourners and spectators who had spilled into London to witness a historic gathering and to pay their respects to their late King. Crowds estimated at 2.5 million people watched in reverent and awed silence as the funeral cortege passed before them. Of all the impressive sights that they beheld, the gun-carriage carrying the late King’s body had made a profound impression. But so, too, did the unprecedented sight of nine reigning monarchs astride on their horses. For here gathered the monarchs of England, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Bulgaria, and Denmark to pay homage to King Edward VII. Follow these monarchs’ lives whose stories are filled with drama, pathos, tragedy, and heroism.